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High-temperature insulation products from calcium silicate

High-temperature insulation products from calcium silicate of SpetsOgneuporKomplekt are environmentally safe and meet the highest international standards

Heat-insulating products brand TISC

As per STO 1086672005144-056-2010

Heat-insulating products made of silicate calcium brand TISC are used as thermal insulation with high mechanical and thermal properties in all industries. In particular:

  •  heat power engineering: power boilers, steam lines;

  •  engineering industry: melting equipment, ladles, installation of hot and thermal treatment;

  •  construction industry: chamber and furnaces, heat exchangers and cyclones;

  •  glass industry: boiling pools and cooling channels;

  •  the petrochemical and chemical industries: cracking furnace and technological equipment.

Also a typical application of products of the brand TISC is to use as insulation and working layer in thermal furnaces, as the insulation of gas flues, steam lines, mazout lines, as heat and anticorrosive protection of surfaces of heating inserts etc.

Heat-insulating block of calcium silicate
Heat-insulating block of calcium silicate
Insulating boards (1000*600*30) and a shell for pipeline insulation, silicate calcium
Insulating boards (1000*600*30) and a shell for pipeline insulation, silicate calcium

Performance characteristics distinguish six kinds of products (depending on density): TISC - 250; TISC - 300; TISC - 400, TISC - 500, TISC - 750, TISC - 1000.

Physical and chemical characteristics of the products meet the requirements specified in table:



Mass fraction of moisture, %:


CaO, min,

MgO, max,





Density, g/cm3, within
Coefficient of thermal conductivity (see graph) when p=250 kg/m3

t 200 25 C, Вт/мК, max,

t 400 25 C, Вт/мК, max,

t 600 25 C, Вт/мК, max,





Use limit, C, max
Open porosity, %, max. (ρ=250 кг/м3), %: 90

Materials of calcium silicate compared to traditional thermal insulation materials have a number of advantages:

  •  Reduced insulation thickness is 1.5-2 times, in comparison with normative;

  •  Durability of heat-insulating shells (not less than 10 years);

  •  Low complexity of installation (two workers could mount the insulation of the pipeline (159 mm, length 200 linear meters) for 8 hours, which reduces installation time in 3-4 times in comparison with traditional materials);

  •  Brand products TISC, treated with a water repellent coating, have a high frost resistance, water resistance, resistant to alkali and all hydrocarbons (including oil).

  •  Year-round installation and repair (regardless of the weather conditions);

  •  Environmental safety of products.

Comparative characteristics of products from calcium silicate with other heat-insulating products, see article "Basic principles of choice of the heat insulation materials at high operating temperatures" (link opens in a new window).

Types of insulation products of calcium silicate production LLC of SpetsOgneuporKomplekt

Теплоизоляционные огнеупорные формованные изделия из силиката кальция
Различные формованные огнеупорные изделия из силиката кальция
Скорлупы для теплоизоляции трубо- про- проводов из силиката кальция




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