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23 March 2015

Annual XIII International Conference on Refractory and Metallurgy

19-20 March 2015 at the National research technological University MISIS, hosted the annual XIII International Conference on Refractory and Metallurgy, which is traditionally attended by the specialists of LLC SpetsOgneuporKomplekt.

Открытие 13 международной конференции огнеупорщиков и металлургов (International Conference on Refractory and Metallurgy (ICRM 2015))
International Conference on Refractory and Metallurgy (ICRM 2015))

The conference was attended by over one hundred representatives of Russian and foreign companies and scientific community.

From LLC SpetsOgneuporKomplekt with the report Bio-soluble fiber insulation acted as a leading specialist Vadim Lyalin.

Abstracts: Bio-soluble fiber insulation

Evgeny Demin, Vadim Lyalin.
LLC SpetsOgneuporKomplekt, Yekaterinburg, Russia

The work on improvement of technology for non-carcinogenic bio-soluble fibers in Europe and the United States is more than 20 years. Today known compositions of BIO-fibers, their properties are investigated. The question to lower the cost and expand the range of BIO-materials.

LLC SpetsOgneuporKomplekt together with Shandong Alert Soluble Ceramic fiber and equipment Co.,Ltd, mastered the technology of producing BIO-fibers. Conducted research of this material obtained relevant documents, a registered trademark for products of BIO-fibers.

The full report will be published on the website soon.


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